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Welcome to the online shop of the VERTICALIA group, a group in which VERTICALIA FORMACION companies are also located, accredited by ANETVA in Galicia, which is dedicated to the training of professionals who work in difficult access in height.

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Verticalia Redondela SL


Our firm has a technical department in which you will be helped to solve all the doubts that may arise when selecting the equipment that best suits your needs depending on the work you will perform..


Interior Tienda Verticalia Redondela

In our store we have a wide exposure of EPI'S to cover all the needs of work, sports and leisure activities. We market the most innovative protective equipment on the market and specific for all types of work at height.

In VERTICALIA EPIS in addition to marketing:

Our own brand of Individual Protection Equipment

Which guarantees unparalleled quality and price standards in the market, we are authorized distributors of the leading brands in the sector such as Petzl, Ronin, Camp Safety, Faru, Beal, Tractel, Miller, Skylotec, Ikar, Safetop, Singing Rock etc……..


Another service offered by VERTICALIA EPIS is the cleaning, disinfection, inspection, repair and certification of Individual Protection Equipment.

Article 4 of Royal Decree 773/1997 establishes the obligation to carry out maintenance, cleaning, disinfection where appropriate and repair of personal protective equipment in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

In VERTICALIA EPIS we make a record in our database of all Individual Protection Equipment that we sell, thus offering a notification service to our customers where they are reminded of the date on which they must review their equipment, in order to ensure that they are kept in good condition throughout their useful life.

Currently, the frequency with which the equipment revision should be performed is not specified. However, the EN 365 standard requires manufacturers to include an annual revision in all elements considered EPIS. In many cases, it may be necessary to carry out revisions more frequently than indicated above, depending on the use given to the equipment or other circumstances.

VERTICALIA EPIS has competent technicians in charge of carrying out all the revisions of the equipment acquired by our clients and even those that are not. There is also the possibility of carrying out such a review in the client's own facilities through the displacement of one of our technicians.

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